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You’re an expert in tax, but how well have you mastered the other aspects of running and growing your business?

While you’re knee deep in compliance work for your clients, who’s ensuring you’re meeting your workplace health and safety obligations?

With so much of your time spent providing the best service to your current clients, what’s your plan to attract new ones?

Go for Growth with The Tax Institute, in partnership with Go1. This flexible, practical online toolkit covers the knowledge every business needs to grow and succeed.

This go-to resource helps you manage your growing business, attract new clients, ensure you’re meeting your compliance obligations, and much more.

What’s covered?

Go for Growth is a flexible online training solution that puts thousands of courses across 14 key business areas at your fingertips.

From successfully running your growing business to effectively marketing your services to attract new clients, Go for Growth is a vital resource for every business looking to take that next step.

Giving you access to practical online training, Go for Growth also ensures that you and your team are across key workplace safety and culture legislation, and building a safe and productive workplace culture.

Instant online access to thousands of online courses across 14 key areas:

  • Business Basics
  • Communication Skills
  • Compliance
  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Health and Safety
  • Human Resources
  • IT Skills
  • Management and Leaderships
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Project Management
  • Retail Training
  • Sales
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Watch this demo video to understand how Go for Growth can help you and your business.
Access thousands of courses across 14 key business areas
Members: $299 inc GST
Non-members: $375 inc GST
Includes 3 CPD hours


About Go for Growth

Go for Growth is delivered in partnership with Go1. An established leader in online learning and education, Go1 works alongside businesses of every size, from start-ups to some of the largest companies in the world, covering a wide range of industries and topics.

Now The Tax Institute brings the benefits of this growing platform to your business:

Minimise compliance risk

Whether it’s workplace health and safety, first-aid or specific local regulations, this range of courses and notifications will ensure your team is always up to date with current regulations.

Increase productivity

Increase skills, engagement and capability of teams without the high costs.

Improve on-boarding efficiency

Create onboarding programs by combining premium training with your own custom materials, then automatically assign programs to new employees.

Improve on-boarding efficiency

Create onboarding programs by combining premium training with your own custom materials, then automatically assign programs to new employees.

Promoting active learning

Designed to meet the learning needs and expectations of your team, these courses help make training more engaging for staff through videos and quizzes.


Business Basics

The world of business is competitive, which means it takes more than just determination to succeed – there’s also certain skills you need to possess to make it to the top.

  •          Business ethics
  •          Business writing
  •          Facilitating sustainable change
  •          Planning and implementing financial management approaches
  •          Project management basics
  •          Six sigma improvement techniques
  •          Strategic product and service management

Compliance, Health and Safety

Whether you’re a small business or a large global company, all organisations need to make sure that they stay compliant and up-to-date with the regulations of the workplace, and providing a safe space for their employees to work in.

  •          Bullying, harassment and sexual harassment
  •          Equal employment opportunity
  •          Phishing, privacy, data protection and personal information
  •          Social media in the workplace
  •          Armed robbery safety awareness
  •          Duty of care for workers
  •          Injury management
  •          Work health and safety legislation


To successfully grow your business you need to know how to connect with clients, communicate, negotiate and close the deal.

  •          A framework for inbound lead generation
  •          Common marketing failures
  •          Discovering customer wants and needs
  •          Know your competition
  •          Sales tools and technology
  •          The sales call flow

Communication Skills

Effective communication is an important skill, whether it’s in a written email, a meeting, presentation, or simply a conversation with a co-worker.

  •          Communicating effectively with clients
  •          Dealing with sensitive issues
  •          Designing a customer service strategy
  •          Difficult people: why they act that way and how to deal with them
  •          Effective business communication
  •          Facing and resolving conflict in the workplace
  •          Navigating the workplace with emotional intelligence
  •          Presenting with confidence

Customer Service

Going that extra mile with your company’s customer service will set you apart from your competition.

  •          Handling customer complaints and dealing with angry and upset customers
  •          Listening to and meeting customer needs

Human Resources

The management of employees – a company’s human resources – is central to the success of any organisation, as a business is only as good as its people!

  •          Creating a strong team culture
  •          Dealing with workplace conflict
  •          Employment contract fundamentals
  •          Grievance procedures
  •          Maternity and paternity
  •          Performance and rewards
  •          Work place rules and policies

IT Skills

We live in the digital age where technology is everywhere, including in the workplace. Build the digital skillset of your team, increase efficiencies and develop employees for the future.

  •          Advanced Excel
  •          Introduction to data science
  •          Macros and advanced queries in Excel 2016
  •          Maintaining, protecting, and reviewing documents in Word 2016
  •          Microsoft tools including Project, SharePoint, Visio and more

Management and Leadership

Leadership is more than just giving out orders and assigning tasks. It’s about using your passion to motivate your fellow colleagues and inspiring them to work towards a common goal with you.

  •          Aligning unit goals and imperatives
  •          Assessing your own leadership performance
  •          Building innovation cultures and leaders
  •          Building trust with employees
  •          Effective decision making
  •          Inform and inspire your team
  •          Motivating your employees

Project Management

New projects take more than just an idea to get off the ground – they need strategy, planning and execution to be successful.

  •          AGILE project planning
  •          Keeping your project on budget
  •          Navigating through changes and conflicts in projects
  •          PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition
  •          PRINCE2® Project Management
  •          Project lifecycle
  •          Project planning and risk management
  •          Risk analysis, management and planning
  •          Using lessons learned for continuous improvement


As a tax professional you’ll be across the key aspects of your businesses finances, but what about your support staff? Ground them and give them a better understanding of your core business and you’ll all be speaking the same language.

  •          Basic accounting concepts for non-financial professionals
  •          Basic budgeting for non-financial professionals
  •          Financial statement analysis for nonfinancial professionals
  •          Key accounting concepts and principles