Review of CGT Rollovers – Comments on Second Consultation Paper

The Tax Institute refers to the Board of Taxation’s (Board) review of the capital gains tax (CGT) rollover provisions contained in the Board’s Second Consultation Paper of December 2020 (Consultation Paper). The Tax Institute welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to the Board in relation to the Consultation Paper.

In preparing this submission, The Tax Institute has consulted with its Large Business & International Technical Committee and its SME and Tax Practitioner Committee to obtain a breadth of views on the Consultation Paper. This submission incorporates feedback received from members of these Committees.

Submission prepared by:

The Tax Institute

Submitted to:

Board of Taxation Secretariat
The Treasury

For more information, contact:

Julie Abdalla, FTI
Tax Counsel, The Tax Institute
(02) 8223 0058