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The Tax Institute Submission | Proportional Indexation of the Personal Transfer Balance Cap

28-Aug-20 | Author: THE TAX INSTITUTE | Source: Submissions

The Tax Institute requests the Government to consider the reforms outlined below in relation to Division 294 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (ITAA 1997) – that is, the transfer balance cap (TBC) provisions....

The Superannuation Legislation Amendment (Indexation)Bill 2001 was introduced into the House of Representatives on 28 June 2001. It provides for the indexation of pensions paid to Commonwealth civilian employees and former employees in January and...

Pensions workshop presentation

30-Mar-17 | Author: Jemma SANDERSON | Source: Seminar Presentations

This presentation covers: background; TBC summary; workshop. ...

It's Creeping and Costing Australians

01-Apr-05 | Author: Neil A WARREN | Source: Australian Tax Forum

Bracket creep arises not just from the effects of inflation on the personal income tax schedule but also on the value of tax offsets. It also has implications for the real value of welfare payments and associated means tests. What results is a ......

(13) Senate passes Medicare Levy Amendment (CPI Indexation) Bill (No 2) 2000

09-Mar-01 | Author: TAXATION INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIA | Source: Tax Vine

On 5 March 2001, the Senate passed Medicare Levy Amendment (CPI Indexation) Bill (No 2) 2000 without amendment. It now awaits Royal Assent. The Bill amends the Medicare Levy Act 1986 and the A New Tax System (Medicare Levy Surcharge-Fringe ......

Tax analysis: The New Business Tax System: life after Ralph CGT reforms

01-Feb-00 | Author: Geoff PETERSSON | Source: Tax Specialist

On 21 September 1999 the Government announced its response to the Ralph Report (Review of Business Taxation - A Tax System Redesigned, July 1999). This paper discusses the package and the impact of the announcement. It includes exemptions and ......

Superannuation: Managing the TBC and minimising excess transfer balance tax

01-Oct-20 | Author: BUTLER Daniel | Source: Taxation in Australia

The transfer balance cap system is in urgent need of reform and simplification. The indexing system will make the system more complicated....

Pensions and transfer balance cap paper

04-Oct-17 | Author: Jemma SANDERSON | Source: Seminar Papers

This paper covers: the transfer balance cap event based reporting death benefits and TBC conditions of release. ...

Transfer Balance Cap paper

24-Aug-17 | Author: Jemma SANDERSON | Source: Seminar Papers

This paper covers: the transfer balance cap event based reporting  death benefits and TBC conditions of release transition to retirement pensions ...

This week in tax

08-Apr-21 | Author: | Source: News

In this week’s TaxVine, Kym Bailey, ATI, Co-Chair of The Tax Institute’s National Superannuation Technical Committee discusses the impact of indexation of various superannuation caps and thresholds and the associated increase in ......