Report of Australia's business tax review and the government's response

Publication date: 04 Oct 99


Issue: Vol 19, No14

Pages: pp.1258-1270


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Author profiles:

Author Photo - Richard Vann CTA
Prof Richard Vann CTA
Richard is Challis Professor of Law at the University of Sydney and a Consultant at Greenwoods & Freehills. He has also taught at NYU Law School, Harvard Law School and the University of London. He has held many government consultancies in Australia, including the Review of Business Taxation (1998-1999), the Review of International Taxation (2002-2003) and the Australian Taxation Office Public Rulings Panels on international and indirect taxation (1995-2007). Most recently he has been involved in various Board of Taxation work on managed investment trusts and collective investment vehicles, and the attribution of profits to permanent establishments. Richard is the Editor-in-Chief of the IBFD Global Tax Treaties Commentaries now being progressively published online.
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Author Photo - Graeme Cooper CTA
Prof Graeme Cooper CTA
Graeme is Professor of Taxation Law at the University of Sydney and a consultant to Greenwoods & Freehills. He is former New South Wales State Chairman and currently a member of the National Council. He has worked as a consultant to the ATO, Treasury, Board of Taxation, OECD, World Bank and IMF. He is a frequent speaker at events for The Tax Institute and has written many articles in Australian and overseas journals. He was admitted to legal practice in New South Wales (1980) and Victoria (1999), and practised commercial law and tax in Sydney before entering teaching. He has taught tax in law schools in Australia, Europe and the United States, and holds degrees from the University of Sydney, University of Illinois and Columbia University, New York.
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