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March - November | 5 part series



The latest tax knowledge, hot topics and local networking

Being part of your Local Tax Club will keep you on top of the latest tax knowledge, enable connections with peers in your local community and provide you with the opportunity to extend your own professional and personal network.

Each session features a specialist tax topic presented by a subject-matter expert, and a monthly tax update to keep you abreast of Australia’s ever changing tax legislation.

  • Connect with local peers and discuss the latest knowledge over breakfast
  • Hear the latest in quintessential tax topics such as division 7A, superannuation, CGT and more, from subject-matter experts
  • Stay abreast of what's happening with a monthly tax update on all the latest cases
  • Gain nifty resources, stronger connections, and all the latest knowledge in tax

Our flexible registration options mean you can register for the full series or just select the sessions you wish to attend. You can also get your team involved with a company subscription and send a different person to each session.

Register for your Local Tax Club today! Gain nifty resources, stronger connections, and all the latest knowledge in tax.

To register for a single session please complete the registration form on the brochure and email to

Venue: Majestic Roof Garden Hotel - 55 Frome Street, Adelaide

1.5 CPD hours | Refreshments included


Event Details

Individual - Single session - March

$ 100 - Member

$ 100 - New member*

$ 150 - Non member

Individual series | 3 session pack

$ 210 - Member

$ 210 - New member*

$ 300 - Non member

To register for the remainder of the series please contact

  • When20-March-2024 - 26-November-2024
  • FormatFace-to-face
  • CPD Hours7.5 (1.5 per event)


20 March 2024 | 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM | 1.50 CPD hours

A detailed update of the application of Fringe Benefits Tax exploring the tips and traps for employers and their 

advisors including:

  • Refresher of the application of the FBT Assessment Act
  • Recent developments
  • FBT reductions and exemptions, including the electric cars exemption
  • Common errors and misconceptions
  • Structuring and implementing effective salary sacrifice arrangements.

Speaker: Raoul Stevenson, CTA, Nexia Edwards Marshall

Tax update presenter: Stewart Watts, Nexia Edwards Marshall

21 May 2024 | 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM | 1.5 CPD hours


This session will cover the intricacies of the main residence exemption, a pivotal aspect of income tax legislation that can significantly impact a person's most valuable asset—their main residence.

We will explore the nuances of this generous exemption including its burdensome qualification criteria and how particular actions or inactions can result in the loss of the exemption in whole or in part.

Our presenters will cover the following key topics:

  • Unlocking income potential from a main residence
  • Strategies for preserving the exemption during demolition or subdivision
  • Navigating succession and deceased estate issues, and
  • Understanding the impact of absences, particularly for foreign residents.

Speakers: Roy Abbas, CTA, Perks, Rhett Fraser, Perks 

Tax Update Presenter: Lee Jurga, Perks

30 July 2024 | 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM | 1.5 CPD hours

Understanding the intricacies of family trust elections is crucial, especially considering the complexities surrounding the definition of the 'family group' and the concept of 'distributions.' Misinterpretation of these rules can lead to unintended tax consequences, particularly the triggering of the family trust distribution tax. Family trust distribution tax, if triggered, is a debt that is not subject to a review period and for which the entity (which makes the distribution), together with the individuals who are directors or trustees, can be jointly liable. Therefore, it is important that advisers understand the concepts of ‘family group’ and ‘distributions’.

This session will delve into:

  • The ramifications of FTE or IEE
  • Instances mandating FTE or IEE
  • Prerequisites for a valid FTE or IEE, including considerations for testamentary trusts and the 'family control' test
  • Unpacking the concept of 'distributions'
  • Identifying individuals and entities constituting the 'family group'
  • FTDT liability attribution
  • Facilitating trust succession to the next generation.

Speaker: Simon How, CTA, Bentleys

Tax Update Presenter: Steven D’Annunzio, Bentleys

24 September 2024 | 5:30 - 7:00 PM | 1.5 CPD hours

Speaker: To be announced

Tax Update Presenter: To be announced


26 November 2024 | 5:30 - 7:30pm | 1.5 CPD hours

Speaker: To be announced

Tax Update Presenter: To be announced



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