CTA: The international standard in tax

Published: 28 May 2021


Dr Julianne Jacques accepts the Tax Adviser of the Year Award, 2020

From companies with offices around the world, to social media and virtual conferences, these days your professional world is bigger than ever before. And a global profession calls for an internationally recognised qualification.

“In an increasingly globalised world, your professional reputation is no longer confined by geography. Building a career on a well-recognised designation is so important,” said Alexandra Wilson, Executive General Manager, The Tax Institute Higher Education.

“The Chartered Tax Adviser [CTA] designation is recognised across borders. That makes it a serious benefit if you’re forging an international career in tax, whether it’s helping you be noticed by a large firm with a global presence, or building your reputation as a thought leader and trusted adviser in tax, at home and abroad.”

Though it originated with the Chartered Institute of Taxation in the UK, the CTA designation can now also be achieved in Ireland, Australia and, as of this year, Hong Kong.

In Australia, The Tax Institute is the only organisation licensed to award the CTA designation.

The tax skills to thrive at home and abroad

From your clients in Sydney to colleagues in London, gaining a CTA designation is recognition that you have what it takes to offer expert tax insight across jurisdictions. The full program offered in Australia enhances knowledge and develops important skills including:

  • key tax compliance requirements, principles and processes every tax practitioner needs to know
  • how to manage complex tax compliance affairs and planning issues
  • tax planning and advisory skills across different tax specialisations

If your tax career is already well underway, and you have already completed study at another institution, you may be eligible for recognition of prior learning, which means you need less time to get to the final stage of the journey - CTA3 Advisory.

“The course to become a CTA is rigorous and practical. It has been developed to ensure that those who successfully gain the designation will have the technical skill and confidence to tackle a wide array of real-life tax issues,” explained Alexandra.

“So, having the designation is the first sign to your peers and employers, that you are an accomplished tax professional, dedicated to adding real value to your clients.”

But don’t take our word for it. Hear from respected tax practitioners about what impact the CTA designation had on their career in the video below.

Tips to boost your professional reputation

  • Become a Chartered Tax Adviser. As an internationally recognised designation, being a CTA says more about your career and professionalism than first meets the eye. As Louise Meijer of Pitcher Partners told us, “the CTA designation just shows your peers, your clients and other people in the market, that you take your career in tax seriously… You almost don't need to prove your credentials to get a foot in the door.”
  • Write for professional journals. Especially important if you’re aiming to become a thought leader, submitting articles to professional journals allows you to demonstrate your expertise on tax topics, and get your name recognised. Find out more about writing for our journals.
  • Attend networking events. Meeting people within the profession and building networks of like-minded practitioners is the foundation of a career-defining reputation – be sure to do it well. When we spoke to Tony Frost, Managing Director of Greenwood's and Herbert Smith Freehills for seven years, about the value of networking, he advised, “Networking is not business development, it's not selling. It's getting out there knowing people for future mutual benefit.”
  • Join professional organisations, committees and clubs. Being a member of key organisation within your profession is a great way to grow your network. Plus, maintaining an active presence in membership circles is an excellent way to make sure that once you complete an education course, your learning doesn’t stop there. You’ll be in the loop when it comes to further education opportunities, key tax technical insights or law and legislation matters that affect our entire profession.

Build a strong career with an internationally recognised Charted Tax Adviser (CTA) designation. Enrol today.