What’s on at The Tax Summit?

Published: 22 Aug 2023


Scott Treatt speaking at an event

It's the biggest event of the year - The Tax Summit

This September, we're heading to Melbourne to share the best insights, ideas and networking with the tax profession. Here are a few highlights of what to expect.


There is no doubt that technology has a profound impact on the tax landscape and innovation isn’t just important for practitioners – it’s imperative.

The age of AI demands a new, vastly different skill set from practitioners and technology is set to transform the way we work, live and lead. Through expert-led discussions and interactive sessions, the program looks at how you can keep up in a changing world.

Marg Marshall, President and Co-Chair of the Organising Committee, says, “…the profession’s best and brightest will shed light on how practitioners can seamlessly adopt and use new technologies while fostering a culture of encouragement among their teams.”

Plus, Deputy Commissioner Marek Rucinski’s recent disclosures that the ATO’s deep learning models helped $295 million in superannuation guarantee underpayments, and $242 million in tax evasion since 2018, uncovered in leaked documents such as the Panama papers, have far reaching implications for everyone working in tax. Don’t miss discussion of the impact of live data feeds, such as STP, on these issues.

Recommended sessions:
  • Session 13.2: The challenges raised by live data feeds including Single Touch Payroll
  • Session 15.2: Is there Panadol for crypto and NFT headaches?



Your clients rely on you to act with integrity – which is why ethics is always an important topic for tax practitioners. We’re exploring some common ethical dilemmas and how to address them.

“The newly assertive TPB with its increased budget and increasing number of investigations make hearing what Andrew O’Bryan of Hall & Wilcox has to say about the trauma of investigations a session not to be missed,” says Special Topics Stream Chair, Chris Wallis.

Hear also about the risks of “off the cuff” advice and how to identify (and avoid) tricky ethical situations created by a client.

Recommended sessions:
  • Session 17.2: The nasty implications of ‘off the cuff advice’
  • Session 18.2: Are you being dragged unwittingly onto a slippery slope?


Hot topics

With $45 billion in collectible tax debt outstanding at the end of 2022, recovery is a major focus for the tax profession I the near future. Delve into what this debt means for businesses and for the ATO, plus other important topics such as employee / contractor distinctions, employment taxes and Part IVA.

“In focussing future economic recovery, 99B may be one of those long standing but sleeping provisions known to many that may gain a lot of traction,” says Hot Topics Stream Chair, Leo Efthivoulou.

Recommended sessions:


Corporate Tax

“The tax legislative landscape is constantly evolving,” says Corporate Stream Chair, Annemarie Wilmore.

Corporate practitioners are regularly dealing with the intersection between international tax, transfer pricing and treaties, an evolving and complex topic.

Engaging with the ATO, including managing requests for information, documenting reasonable arguable position papers and managing anti-avoidance risks from a range of advisors, counsel and the ATO, is also a core skill for corporate practitioners.

“The Corporate Stream program this year will assist you to understand the policy objectives underpinning the legislative changes regarding thin capitalisation and intangibles. In addition, experienced tax practitioners will share their perspectives regarding the trips and traps of these new measures,” Annemarie says.

 Recommended sessions:
  • Session 5.4: What is a reasonably arguable position and how to arrive at one
  • Session 6.4: Tangling with transfer pricing – practicality of TP disputes



The great Australian dream of owning property can be more complicated than it first seems once tax gets involved – that’s where you come in.

Explore this perennially relevant topic with sessions on making a beneficiary presently entitled to real property, death and the main residence exemption and the fitness of your client’s property development agreement.

Recommended sessions:


Top tips for The Tax Summit

To get the most out of your Tax Summit experience…

…attend as many sessions as possible. Mix and match topics across the various streams to design your own customised program thread.

… visit the Attendee hub and use it to its most. Ask questions of the presenters, chat with fellow attendees and don’t forget you can catch up on any sessions you miss for 6 months after the event, through the online portal.

…follow-up presenters with a glass of red in hand each evening, or even over the Weeties at breakfast, and ask the questions that occurred to you during a session or about a session to be presented. They won’t mind! 

…indulge (not too much) in the Welcome Reception and Gala dinner. We’ll be celebrating members who have made outstanding contributions to our community.

…don’t forget to network!


Want to know more? Explore The Tax Summit program to start planning your personalised event itinerary.