Empowering women in tax with insight, connection, and purpose

Written by: The Tax Institute

Published: 14 Feb 2024



The ever-changing world of tax can often feel like an intimidating labyrinth. Yet, amidst the numbers and figures, a vibrant network of professionals, including an increasing number of women, is navigating the maze with determination and purpose. 

Our upcoming Women in Tax Congress shines a light on the path of these women, offering a beacon of guidance, inspiration, and connection for women at all stages of their careers. 

We invite you to explore the enriching experiences and wisdom shared by speakers at the upcoming event, Karen Tisdell, LinkedIn Profile Writer, Trainer & Speaker, and Kate Boorer, one of Australia's leading experts on career, confidence and personal brand. Their stories resonate deeply with the aspirations and challenges faced by women in the tax industry and beyond, providing valuable roadmaps for unlocking potential and overcoming hurdles.

From recruitment to impact: Karen Tisdell's odyssey of purpose

Imagine embarking on a career journey that transcends the traditional path. Karen Tisdell's odyssey took an unexpected turn, shifting from the world of recruitment to using her knowledge and experience for good in empowering senior women leaders on LinkedIn. 

This pivotal move reflects a core message she carries: the pursuit of a purpose that goes beyond titles and salaries. In a society where women often face pressure to conform to predefined notions of success, Karen's story offers a refreshing perspective. She urges women to seek work that resonates with their values and allows them to make a meaningful impact. This message reverberates deeply with those yearning for more than just a paycheck.

Shattering self-doubt and cultivating confidence: Kate Boorer's call to action

Have you ever felt your potential held hostage by self-doubt and limiting beliefs? 

Kate Boorer, one of Australia's leading experts on career, confidence and personal brand, addresses this challenge head-on. She urges us to confront the assumptions that hold us back, emphasising the transformative power of a growth mindset. 

By challenging our inner critic and embracing continuous learning, we can dismantle internal barriers and confidently pursue our goals. This message is particularly relevant for women navigating potential biases and carving their own space in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Unlocking the powerhouse: the network advantage

Imagine having a powerhouse network at your fingertips, one that amplifies your voice and opens doors to unimaginable opportunities. Both Karen and Kate underscore the critical role of networking. 

Karen champions the potential of online platforms like LinkedIn, equipping women with strategies to maximise its reach and value. Kate, on the other hand, emphasises the importance of building relationships both within and outside of the organisation you work.

The future of success lies in soft skills

While tax expertise is crucial, success in the future demands more. Kate offers sage advice by identifying soft skills like empathy, adaptability, and curiosity as crucial for sustained success. This aligns with the increasing demand for emotional intelligence and strong leadership skills in a technology-driven world. 

Women who cultivate these qualities will be well-positioned to thrive in the evolving landscape of the tax industry and beyond.

Showcasing your unique value: branding beyond the numbers

In a world obsessed with numbers and experience, Karen sheds light on the importance of personal branding, particularly for women leaders. She emphasises that simply highlighting years of experience isn't enough. 

Instead, she encourages women to showcase their unique qualities and values. By articulating the distinct leadership styles and contributions they bring to the table, women can effectively position themselves for advancement and recognition.


These are just a few key takeaways from the speakers' insights. The upcoming Women in Tax Congress promises to be a valuable event for anyone navigating the dynamic tax industry, offering a platform for further exploration, learning, and connection. 


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