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Publication date: 12 Nov 12 | Source: THE TAX INSTITUTE

12 November 2012:  The Federal Government must consider making child care costs tax deductible to remove disincentives for parents to move back into the workforce, The Tax Institute said today.

In a speech today at the CEDA Women in Leadership Series, The Tax Institute’s Senior Tax Counsel, Robert Jeremenko, called for reforms to child care assistance. 

“Being able to access quality, affordable child care is vitally important to the ability of parents to re-enter the workforce,” Mr Jeremenko said.“

It is clear that for parents who need to use child care to work, child care is a cost of employment and should be tax deductible.”

According to Mr Jeremenko, the introduction of tax deductible child care has significant potential to boost workforce productivity and participation.

“Australia’s tax and transfer system must not be allowed to discourage workforce participation, rather, our system must encourage productive employees back to the workforce.”

Mr Jeremenko said that the Henry Tax Review concluded that government assistance for child care should be targeted to low-income families, with lower levels of assistance provided to higher income families.

“It is time for a mature national debate on ways to remove disincentives for higher-income families to move back into the workforce as well.”

“This will enable the significant skills and expertise of these workers to be used to improve the nation’s productivity.”


For more information contact: 

  • Robert Jeremenko, Senior Tax Counsel, The Tax Institute, 0468 987 300
  • Dylan Malloch, Sefiani Communications Group, 0407 620 613

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