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Don’t let politics get in the way of good tax policy

Publication date: 01 Jul 19 | Source: THE TAX INSTITUTE

SYDNEY, 1 July 2019:
With the new Parliament due to sit tomorrow, we will soon find out whether the Coalition’s full personal tax cut package will pass through Parliament.
The 2019/20 Federal Budget proposals for personal income tax cuts involve a 3-stage tax relief plan.
“The Tax Institute would like to see alleviation of the personal income tax burden passed through Parliament in this sitting,” said President, Tim Neilson, CTA.
“There seems to be broad in principle consensus in favour of reducing income tax on ordinary Australians, and The Tax Institute certainly supports that,” he adds.
“Recent media reports suggest that political disagreement about timing, rates and thresholds may delay implementation of tax relief.
“We hope that politics won’t get in the way of good tax policy.”