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Tax institutes publish route to CTA licence

Publication date: 21 Dec 15 | Source: THE TAX INSTITUTE

News from the Chartered Institute of Taxation

Release: Wednesday 16 December 2015

Tax institutes publish route to CTA licence

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT), the Irish Tax Institute (ITI) and The Tax Institute  of Australia (TTI) have published guidance for tax institutes seeking a licence from the CIOT to grant the designations ‘Chartered Tax Adviser’ and ‘CTA’ subject to conditions1.

The CIOT granted licences to the ITI and the TTI during 2012. Working with the Professional Associations Research Network (PARN), the CIOT, ITI and TTI have set out the process for seeking a licence in two documents2 published today.

Chris Jones, CIOT President said:

“This is a major step forward in the development of an international standard for tax institutes. CIOT, ITI and TTI work in different jurisdictions and continents but we are united by common values and standards which we have now written down. We invite other tax institutes around the world to work with us to develop and promote what we all stand for.”

Stephen Healey, President of The Tax Institute of Australia, said:

“The CTA designation has been welcomed by the tax profession in Australia and we and our colleagues in the UK and Ireland have worked to set out what this means to us and the standards to which we hold ourselves.”

Mary Honohan, ITI President added:

“We have taken our time to develop guidance which we hope will work for tax institutes around the world. Tax is becoming increasingly global and while we may not share a common tax code we can share common values and standards of professional practice.”

Notes to Editors

  1. In 2012 the CIOT agreed, in carefully defined circumstances, to license tax bodies in other countries to designate their members – or where appropriate, a subset of their members – as CTAs. This will only be done where the CIOT are satisfied and confident that the tax institute meets the requirements set out in the guidance published today by the CIOT, ITI and TTI.

Since 2012, 7,000 members of TTI and more than 4,000 Associates of the ITI are able to join the 17,500 members of the CIOT in calling themselves Chartered Tax Advisers and using the coveted designation CTA.

  1. Published today is the document ‘Becoming an Institute licensed to award Chartered Tax Adviser designation - Guidance for Applicants’, together with examples of how the requirements might be met in a document entitled ‘Becoming an Institute licensed to award Chartered Tax Adviser designation - Examples of evidence required’.
  1. The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT)

The CIOT is the leading professional body in the United Kingdom concerned solely with taxation. The CIOT is an educational charity, promoting education and study of the administration and practice of taxation. One of our key aims is to work for a better, more efficient, tax system for all affected by it – taxpayers, their advisers and the authorities. The CIOT’s work covers all aspects of taxation, including direct and indirect taxes and duties. Through our Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG), the CIOT has a particular focus on improving the tax system, including tax credits and benefits, for the unrepresented taxpayer.

The CIOT draws on our members’ experience in private practice, commerce and industry, government and academia to improve tax administration and propose and explain how tax policy objectives can most effectively be achieved. We also link to, and draw on, similar leading professional tax bodies in other countries. The CIOT’s comments and recommendations on tax issues are made in line with our charitable objectives: we are politically neutral in our work.

The CIOT’s 17,500 members have the practising title of ‘Chartered Tax Adviser’ and the designatory letters ‘CTA’, to represent the leading tax qualification.

  1. Irish Tax Institute (ITI)

The Irish Tax Institute is the leading representative and educational body for Ireland’s AITI Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA) and is the only professional body in the Republic of Ireland exclusively dedicated to tax. Our members provide tax expertise to thousands of businesses, multinationals and individuals in Ireland and internationally. In addition many hold senior roles within professional service firms, global companies, Government, Revenue and state bodies.

The Institute is the leading provider of tax qualifications in Ireland, educating the finest minds in tax and business for almost 40 years. Our AITI Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification is the gold standard in tax and the international mark of excellence in tax advice.

A respected body on tax policy and administration, the Institute engages at the most senior levels across government, business and state organisations. Representing the views and expertise of our members, we play an important role in the fiscal and tax administrative discussions and decisions in Ireland and in the EU.


  1. The Tax Institute of Australia (TTI)

The Tax Institute is Australia’s leading educator and professional association in tax providing the best resources, education and networks. Our mission is to educate and build expertise in tax and to raise the status of the tax profession. We are committed to propelling members onto the global stage with over 7000 tax professionals now holding the Chartered Tax Adviser designation in Australia.

Established in 1943 with the aim to improve the position of tax agents, tax law and administration, Australia’s tax system has since changed greatly. Likewise, The Tax Institute has evolved and become increasingly respected, dynamic and responsive, having contributed to shaping the changes that benefit our members and the taxpayer today.

Almost seven decades later, our values, friendships and the unselfish desire to learn from each other are central to our success. The Institute is known for its committed volunteers and the altruistic sharing of knowledge. Members are actively involved with the Institute, ensuring that the technical products and services on offer meet the varied needs of Australia’s tax professionals.


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