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Published Date: 17 May 2023


The NSW Tax Forum is one of the premier tax events in the country. This program is specifically developed to cover a wide range of topics, relevant to every tax practitioner at every level.

Hear from the thought leaders in your profession and gain access to the most influential minds in tax. 42 top quality technical sessions mean we’re delivering exactly what you need; and that’s tax. Nothing more, nothing less… tax content, pure and simple.

The SME stream caters to those working in and advising private business clients and SMEs. It is designed to provide practical and informative information to tax professionals on a range of topics including property, superannuation, structuring, Division 7A, state taxes in NSW, plus more.

The Corporate stream tackles front of mind topics for in-house tax professionals and their advisers. Hear from the experts on the latest technical and practical issues impacting corporate tax professionals including BEPS 2.0, Justified Trust, SGEs, Pillar 2, thin cap and the latest in economic and case updates.

The Hot Topics stream has something for everybody and is where you can hear from exciting speakers on the tax talk on everybody’s lips. Topics on the radar in 2023 include corporate residence, GST, crypto and payroll plus everything you need to know about grouping.

Our Emerging Leaders stream is designed for those new to the profession or simply looking for a refresher on important tax topics. This mini-stream includes topics on professional standards and ethics, not for profits, director obligations and more.

This program is designed to address front of mind issues in tax, and get everybody talking. Over 600 tax professionals make this their must attend event of the year, every year. Make it yours and be part of this leading and authoritative tax community.

Division 7A – The things you didn’t know

Author(s): Todd Want CTA

Section 100A, Trusts and UPEs

Author(s): Dung Lam CTA , Mark West CTA

ATO Update – Key messages to the market

Author(s): Megan Croaker , Adam Pritchard ATI

What you need to know about grouping

Author(s): Michael Bennett

Property sector in a state of flux – falling prices, rising interest rates, and uncertain tax landscape

Author(s): Andrew Rider CTA

CGT Small Business Concessions

Author(s): Stuart Lecornu CTA

Foreign Hybrid Mismatch

Author(s): Denis Larkin , Keith Swan

GST – Property on the fringe

Author(s): Scott Mcgill CTA

Property development – Dual Occupancy

Author(s): Jim Koutsokostas

NALI just got a whole lot gnarlier for SMSF Auditors

Author(s): Shirley Schaefer

Pillar 2

Author(s): Kathryn Davy
Materials from this session:

Economic update

Author(s): Cherelle Murphy
Materials from this session:

Understanding the taxation of not-for-profits

Author(s): Kaylene Hubbard ATI

SMSF Update

Author(s): Linda Bruce
Materials from this session:

Transfer Pricing – How to practically manage TP risk: insights from recent ATO reviews and what lies beyond for TP

Author(s): Sophie Lewis , Annemarie Wilmore

Professional Standards and Ethics

Author(s): Aggie Maisano

Proactive ATO engagement through Reviews, Audits and Objections

Author(s): Renata Saini

Thin capitalisation reforms – what do the changes mean for you?

Author(s): Michael Anderson , Catherine Dean CTA

Deceased Estates with Cross Border issues

Author(s): James Whiley , Todd Bromwich

SGEs and Related Party Payments in relation to Intangibles

Author(s): Sophie Lewis

Capital Management

Author(s): Sherrie Truong , Mark Hadassin CTA

Permanent establishments – Practical considerations on what could create a taxable presence outside of your place of incorporation

Author(s): Lauren Hill FTI , Eileen Li

Practical Look at Corporate Residency

Author(s): Nicola Bird FTI

State taxes – recent NSW developments

Author(s): Matthew Cridland CTA , Joanne Seve

Sustainability, ESG and Tax

Author(s): Jesper Solgaard

Catching crypto by the tail: the many tax implications of cryptocurrency and digital assets

Author(s): Julian Humphrey CTA

Inbound transfer of wealth by individuals and family groups

Author(s): Rachel Vijayaraj

Case Update

Author(s): Thomas Arnold CTA
Materials from this session:

Revenue NSW payroll tax reviews and audits with respect to contractor provisions

Author(s): William Calokerinos


  • Published On:17 May 2023
  • Took place at:Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

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