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Keep up to date with changes in the industry

Keep up-to-date with changes to the tax profession

As a member you will receive our monthly Taxation in Australia Journal and weekly TaxVine eNewsletter which cover up-to-date technical information on what you need to know today as a tax specialist.

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Maximise your knowledge of the tax profession

Access to our Accredited Education Programs and Topical Professional Development Events as well as free monthly technical papers.

Enhance your professional status and recognition

Enhance your professional status and recognition

We offer Chartered Tax Adviser status, an international standard for tax professionals. Associate, Fellows and CTAs can use their highly regarded post-nominals to distinguish themselves in the industry.

Be connected with likeminded professionals

Be connected with like-minded professionals

With over 11,000 members, you are joining a large network of tax professionals. Our events provide networking opportunities and you can join one of our Discussion Groups and connect with likeminded colleagues.

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  Valid to 30 June 2019
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Member fees are pro-rated monthly. Prices as of 1 February 2019

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