Chartered Tax Adviser Program

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Your pathway to becoming a global leader in tax

The Tax Institute’s Chartered Tax Adviser Program was developed to enhance the performance of all Australian tax professionals, from new entrants to experienced tax practitioners, and propel them into the future and onto the global stage through the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) designation.

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  • 30 structured CPD hours per subject
  • 1.5 – 2 years course length, part-time
  • Award program
  • Membership pathway to become a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)

CTA: Achieve the globally recognised designation in tax

If you want to achieve postnominals that convey your mark of expetise and secure your status and credibility. To access international opportunities you need to be recognised with the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) designation through the CTA3 Advisory Exam.

Relevant, practical and applied learning

Written, presented and assessed by practising tax experts the technical breadth and practical relevance of this program is highly valued by employers as skills developed are immediately applicable in the workplace. This program lives up to being the profession’s choice for innovative, and applied, tax education.

Learn tax with The Tax Institute

The Tax Institute has over 70 years’ experience as Australia’s leading educator and professional association in tax. We exist to enhance the credentials of tax professionals through training and education, knowledge products, and recognise tax professionals with our internationally respected CTA designation.

The Chartered Tax Adviser designation is a respected mark of technical excellence and professional integrity. Australian CTAs are regarded for their leadership and expertise. Don't take our word for it; hear from some of our CTAs.


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  • TPB Tick
    Meet the Australian taxation law education requirements for registering as a tax agent as you progress through the program.
  • Affiliate to CTA status
    Go from Affiliate with The Tax Institute to Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) status and enhance your level of expertise and qualifications.


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The Chartered Tax Adviser Program consists of four (4) subjects.

If candidates have previous experience, or equivalent qualifications, they are eligible to progress directly to the CTA3 Advisory Exam to successfully graduate with The Chartered Tax Adviser Program qualification and the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) designation.

The subjects include:


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Modes of study
A woman presenting on a white board in a classroom environment

Face-to-face study

Face-to-face study allows candidates to attend lectures in CBD venues in mainland capital cities, and some regional locations, subject to minimum numbers. Contact your state office if you are interested in this study format.

A student working on a laptop with reference books

Distance study

Distance study utilises group web/teleconference tutorials and provides candidates with comprehensive electronic resources, and increased communication with the Subject Convenor and Tutorial Leader.

A male student on a telephone call whilst looking at a computer screen

Intensive study (only available for CTA1 Foundations)

The intensive study format is typically held over a reduced 6 week period that concludes with an exam, and candidates receive support from comprehensive electronic, online and printed resources, as well as web/teleconference tutorials for some subjects.

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Assessment-only allows candidates to accelerate their studies by progressing directly to the assessment for the subject based on prior study, qualifications and experience.

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More information
Who is it for?

The Chartered Tax Adviser Program is ideal for those wanting to gain entry level skills to enable them to perform common tax compliance tasks, to register as a tax agent and to more advanced and complex tax compliance and planning issues to move into management roles.

Entry requirements

CTA1 Foundations

To enrol in the full Chartered Tax Adviser Program, from CTA1 Foundations, no enforced prerequisites are required for candidates.

CTA2A and CTA2B Advanced

To enrol in the CTA2 Advanced subject candidates are required to have:

  • current membership of The Tax Institute; and
  • at least 12 months’ relevant experience in Australian taxation, accounting or law as supported by a professional referee; and
  • successfully passed The Tax Institute’s CTA1 Foundations assessment; or
  • have successfully passed an undergraduate tax subject from an accredited education provider in the last 12 months as supported by a transcript or qualification certificate.

CTA3 Advisory

To enrol in the CTA3 Advisory subject or CTA3 Advisory Exam (assessment-only) candidates are required to have:

  • current Fellow membership of The Tax Institute; and
  • at least 36 months' relevant experience in Australian tax, accounting or law (supported by a professional referee).
Recognition and exemptions

View recognition and exemptions for this program.

For further information please contact one of our education advisers on 1300 TAX EDU (1300 829 338) or email

English language requirements

The English language proficiency requirements for admission to the Graduate Diploma in Applied Tax Law are detailed on the application form ( As the language of tax law is highly nuanced and relies on knowledge of English language reading and writing scores at a minimum score required:

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 7 rating (minimum 6.5 in speaking and listening; minimum 7 in reading and writing), or
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) 94 (minimum 76 in speaking and listening; minimum 94 in reading and writing), or
  • six years of high school study with the language of instruction in English (see

If you do not meet the English language entry requirements you should contact the Education Division on 1300 TAX EDU (829 338) to discuss your enrolment options.

For further information about the support provided by the Institute for students who do not meet the language entry requirements or otherwise require language support, read the Policy 5 at on Reasonable adjustment, special consideration and support for students at risk.

Learning outcomes

Visit the subject level learning requirments for more information:


Individual subjects of The Chartered Tax Adviser Program form part of:

For further information please contact one of our education advisers on 1300 TAX EDU (1300 829 338) or email

Becoming a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)

Year 1

Study periods

Accelerated structure

Regular structure

Study Period 1

ATL001 CTA1 Foundations ATL001 CTA1 Foundations
  ATL003 CTA2A Advanced Not applicable

Study Period 2

ATL004 CTA2B Advanced ATL003 CTA2A Advanced
  1 elective subject Not applicable

Study Period 3

1 elective subject ATL004 CTA2B Advanced

Year 2 (Subject to Availability)

Study periods

Accelerated structure

Regular structure

Study Period 1

CTA3 Advisory (Outside of the Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law, receives exemption for 1 elective) CTA3 Advisory (Outside of the Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law, receives exemption for 1 elective)
Study Period 2 Not applicable 1 elective subject
Study Period 3 Not applicable 1 elective subject

Key study dates
Subject Study Period 1
Study Period 2
Study Period 3
ATL001 CTA1 Foundations
ATL003 CTA2A Advanced
ATL004 CTA2B Advanced
CTA3 Advisory

2015 Study Period 1 Study Period 2 Study Period 3
Early Bird Enrolment 11 February 2015 17 June 2015 21 October 2015
Regular Enrolment 25 February 2015 01 July 2015 04 November 2015
Commencement, the week beginning ** 02 March 2015 06 July 2015 09 November 2015
Assessment only enrolments close for CTA3 Advisory *** 14 July 2015    
Exam, the week beginning 01 June 2015 05 October 2015 22 February 2016
CTA3 Exam, the week beginning 07 September 2015    

** The course commencement date is when candidates will receive correspondence from the course coordinator and access to the online learning system. This is when we recommend candidates commence their readings in preparation for the first lecture or webconference tutorial.

*** The CTA3 Advisory Exam requires you to study one case study, selected from six case studies, on different tax specialisation areas, and devise a client letter of advice. You will be required to sit the CTA3 advisory exam as per the normal cohort.

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  • CTA1 Foundations
  • CTA2A Advanced
  • CTA2B Advanced
  • CTA3 Advisory
The Chartered Tax Adviser program
New member




per subject


per subject


per subject


per subject



Non-refundable membership fee (incl GST) for non-members on enrolment. It is a requirement of enrolment that all candidates are members of The Tax Institute. This membership is designed to assist with learning and provide access to additional support throughout your studies. Your membership will expire 30th June the following financial year at which time you will be prompted to obtain full membership.

Subjects accredited within the Graduate Diploma do not attract GST.


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