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Australia’s largest tax program

The NSW Annual Tax Forum features the largest tax program in Australia, making it the must-attend event for the industry.

The Forum attracts premier tax advisors in NSW to both speak and attend. With its wide mix of topics, it continues to attract companies from a variety of industries, and its flexible ticketing attracts over 400 delegates from a wide variety of specialisations and levels.


The Tax Institute CPD Event App

The Tax Institute understands the impact that an event of this nature has on the environment, especially when printing delegate materials. The event app is easy to use and contains program information, materials (technical papers and slides), evaluation forms and more. We encourage all delegates to download the app on their phone or tablet prior to this event. Once the materials are available, an email will be sent to delegates with access details (approximately five days before the event).

Download the app for iPad or Android.

The Tax Institute CPD Event App download link - Apple iPad The Tax Institute CPD Event App download link - Android


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